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July 8, 2011 at 4:46pm

TEETH - See Spaces

DiS has long been fond on bitchelated eruptions of pure emotion. I love a bit of Peaches and Atari Teenage Riot, just not with a hangover. My love affair with Le Tigre’s snarling synths was rekindled by that spinning-bird-kick in the balls of Crystal Castles’ debut album. It’s little surprise then, on listening to TEETH for the first time this morning, I got a little bit giddy. Rather than regressing toward rave or industrial, their music twirls with its spiky elbows out, in some future-gazing space. Like a raft of riot front-grrrls and fanzine-loved glitch-pop femme fatales before her, Veronica So is angry about something-or-other but it doesn’t matter what, she just wants you to shut up and dance that sweaty dance that smudges your make-up and means you have to leave your filthy trainers to dry on the window sill for the next few days. - Sean

News: TEETH announce debut album release, new single

p.s. I hear we might have just confirmed them for our new clubnight in Manchester. More details, here, soon. 


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