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January 27, 2011 at 1:22pm

James Blake ‘Measurements’

Just what the blogosphere needs, another sodden post about James Blake. Another sweeping glance from a glassy-eye at the press release which understatedly proclaims “his self-titled debut album promises to change the game forever”, rehashing whatever’s mentioned in the blurbiage but adding some contextualizing nuggets about the uniqueness of these sleepy textures that should never have worked quite so well at drive-time. Another mention of a world beyond Burial. A tossed off remark within the limited word-count about how the album, after two brilliant EPs last year, is a little bit of a letdown. A nod to Bon Iver’s ‘Woods’. A tweet-worthy cuss, maybe ‘the Dido of dubstep’ or something about farmer’s markets. A muddled half-idea that at times he has Jack Penate’s voice that’s been plucked from his glottal hovel and pulled through a pixel needle, onto the set of Tron, and that it might then sound like this, especially if Kanye and his Cher-clinking 808s remorphed the backdrop in place of Daft Punk’s epic strings. Another hollow swipe at hype. Another whisper that the earlier stuff was better. [An inaudible sigh.] An admission that this, the closing track on the album, is what Gospel might sound like in 2123. An ellipsis… A score, marked up or down purely to provoke debate. - Sean Adams

Measurements // James-Blake by Lucy vs. the Globe

Bon Iver - Woods by greentea

Kode9 Presents Burial - Studio Session, Breezeblock - BBC Radio 1 2006-04-04 by +dB


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