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November 2, 2010 at 2:04pm

Factory Floor ‘Lying’

Over at DiS towers, your tea-sipping editor is currently trying to expand my tips list for exceptional ‘new’ things to be excited about in 2011 from more than just James Blake. Although the whole process is a preposterous popularity contest that has little to do with quality and everything to do with newness and hype that has been orchestrated since about March, I thought I’d pepper November’s posts with some new-ish acts that DiS is liking at the moment. This little series of posts tagged 2011 will basically be of acts who’ve made some of the tracks of 2010 and may very well be ‘on the radar’ ‘ones to watch’ ‘trending’ and ‘the sound of 2011’ come Jan and Feb when major publications and other-such mediums hamfistedly and tokenistically try to celebrate new music whilst also setting an agenda for the year (or rather, whatever they ‘tip’ ends up monopolising all the decent festival slots and brands spend lots of money putting these bands on at showcase gigs that end up on TV…hello Delphic, Marina, et al).  

FACTORY FLOOR (MySpace / @FactoryFloor).

Finally saw Factory Floor a few weeks ago at In the City festival in Manchester (Dom’s review is here), and having heard their previous EP, I a) didn’t realise the lady from DiS-loved KaitO was in the band b) wasn’t fully prepared for how f’in loud they would be. Maybe it’s because I was in Manchester but New Order’s brooding kraut electronics are omnipresent but also they have an incredibly graceful take on Fuck Buttons’ drones, whilst at the same time scratching details into the ornate constructions of noise.

Can’t wait to hear their debut LP which I’d imagine is due in the first half of 2011. If you’ve not seen ‘em, their next show is with Wire for theQuietus in London next week.  They also play with Sonic Youth on New Year’s even’ in London, recently supported Liars on tour and pretty much should be on your must-see list. 

Lying by Factory Floor

Grinderman - Evil (Factory Floor Remix 2) by MuteRecords


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